Lands Management Services

All-in-One Lands Management Services for the Mining and Exploration Industry

In Good Standing provides a comprehensive list of lands management services within the exploration and mining industry. Our Lands Management specialists take the administrative tasks off your hands and provide you with consulting and advocacy services. We will help you:

  • Manage and protect your land assets
  • Make strategic business decisions
  • Maximize your earned equity
  • Stay compliant with evolving regulations
  • Help you navigate the system

If you ever have an issue, you can call us anytime to step in and help. We have the knowledge and expertise to address anything related to mining and explorations lands that comes your way. Our team is available and responsive to begin tacking issues immediately.

Although our services are varied, our goal is simple: we ensure your land assets always stay In Good Standing.

Read more about our services below or Contact Us to find out how we can tailor a list of lands management services to suit your needs.

Regulations are changing all the time. In Good Standing stays on top of the latest changes to ensure you are in compliance and meeting your obligations.

Lands Management

BC MTO screenshot - In Good Standing specializes in lands managment services.

Also called Land Tenure Management, Claims Monitoring, Mining Claims Management, and Mining Lands Administration, In Good Standing’s Lands Management services cover everything you need to keep your lands portfolio current, active and working in support of your business objectives. We can help you at every step large or small from acquisition to production including:

  • Acquiring land assets including through map staking
  • Enrolling in the regulatory lands management systems  including MLAS, GESTIM, MTO, iMaQs, and more
  • Managing your lands portfolio including proactive monitoring of claims, leases, and patents to ensure you are meeting your work, taxes, rent and agreement obligations
  • Producing and filing reports, technical data, and other documents to support your land assets
  • Creating maps in support of work reports, fieldwork, and marketing materials
  • Identification and communications with surface rights holders
  • Title searches, opinions, and addresses for service
  • Applying for early exploration Plans and Permits
  • Managing credit distributions, renewals, transfers, name changes, and other specialized administrative tasks

We ensure that all your claims remain In Good Standing

We don’t just manage your claims; we help you make the most of them and your exploration dollars. Our Lands Management services experts have decades of experience working in the mining and exploration industry supporting clients and government. We know the ins and outs, not to mention the challenges you’ll face. And we’re here to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you, including:

  • Helping you develop an efficient exploration strategy so that you make the most of your exploration dollars
  • Showing you “big picture” strategies for approaching your mining claims portfolio – for example, we can provide you with options and advice on how best to distribute your assessment work credits within your portfolio for contiguous and non-contiguous claims
  • Flagging and explaining pitfalls that may lie ahead so you can plan for them and reduce your risk
  • Researching past, current, and potential future claims through title searches, historical work, and spatial data compilation
  • Administering legal forms for vesting orders, disputes, appeals, and agreement summaries and obligations
  • Connecting you with other professionals in your area including First Nations consultants, government agencies, environmental assessment professionals, service providers, and others

Land Asset Support

Land asset support including networking and maximizing credits is part of In Good Standing's lands management services.


Woman working on MLAS site. In Good Standing provides geomatics support.

In Good Standing uses client-supplied and public domain geomatics in support of almost all of our lands management services such as:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Map registration and online staking
  • Permit applications
  • Land trims
  • Data management, calculations, and reporting of area, claim events, and position

Our geomatics team also produces maps for client reference for use in project planning, business decisions, field work, reports, and agreements. We can create marketing maps for fundraising and corporate presentations as well for accurate and professional graphics.

If you work in mining exploration for long enough, you’re going to come up against regulatory challenges and overlapping interests. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of what to do to solve them; it’s about who to talk to – and how to get a hold of them. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team works diligently on your behalf to help you resolve challenges, disputes, regulatory hurdles, and similar issues.

In short, it’s much easier to face regulatory and other issues you’re bound to face when you have In Good Standing in your corner. We save you time, money, and hassle to get the problem solved quickly and efficiently.

Advocacy Services

With In Good Standing, advocacy services are just a phone call away.