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MLAS Map Viewer - In Good Standing makes lands management easier.

Lands management is becoming more technical. Process and administration frameworks in the mining and exploration industry continue to transition to online systems. This combined with ever-changing regulatory obligations and other industry changes means that protecting and administering your assets is much more complex and prone to error.

Your mining land assets are your primary assets, and they need to be protected at all costs. That’s why the need for professionally trained land managers is increasingly important.

In Good Standing provides expert lands management services for:

In Good Standing helps make lands management easier for prospectors and geologists, mining and exploration companies, and international mining companies working in Canada.

How Can In Good Standing Help Your Lands Management Efforts?

Geologist taking notes in the bush. In Good Standing makes lands management easier so that you can spend more time finding claims and less time managing them.

In Good Standing is a one-stop shop that provides professional lands management services to help you:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Keep up to date on regulatory changes – we’re plugged into regulatory bodies and usually know about changes long before they take effect
  • Ensure you’re fulfilling your regulatory obligations including meeting deadlines
  • Save time and money involved with managing mining land assets
  • Keep your assets in good standing

In Good Standing is one of the most comprehensive lands management services companies in Canada today. We bring together a wide range of services for the mining exploration sector all under one roof. Broadly speaking, these services fall under three categories:

If you’re one of the many mining or exploration professionals who could do without the stress and time it takes to maintain claims, track assessment credits, ensure your leases are paid on time, and all the other tedious office chores that come with the territory, contact us to find out how we can help. (Or read on to learn more.)

*Mining Lands Management may also be referred to as Mining Claims Management, Claims Monitoring, Lands Administration, Mining Lands Administration, and Lands Tenure Management

In Good Standing helps you with the office work so you can stay in the field.

In Good Standing Makes Lands Management Easier

In Good Standing provides you with the tools and the industry insights needed to make lands management easier. We offer services for three main groups in the mining and exploration industry:

Solo or small office prospectors and geologists
Mining/exploration companies (from juniors to majors)
International mining companies working in Canada

We also assist others who have dealings within the mining industry including law firms with clients in the sector and business partners.

Two geologists prospecting. In Good Standing takes care of the office work so you can spend more time doing what you love best.

How In Good Standing Helps Prospectors and Geologists

If there’s one thing that prospectors and geologists would change about prospecting, it’s the administrative office work involved. Maintaining your claims and keeping your assets in good standing is stressful and takes you away from what you’d rather be doing: getting boots on the ground looking for new finds.

In Good Standing takes the hassle and stress out of lands management. Our suite of software tools makes it easy for you to review obligations and note upcoming deadlines at a glance. Plus, we can provide you with industry insights for better, more efficient portfolio management.

How In Good Standing Helps Mining and Exploration Companies

Companies of all sizes from juniors to the majors all have the geology know-how on staff to work their land assets. However, the administrative tasks associated with those assets to ensure they remain in good standing are becoming increasingly technical requiring specialized training.

In Good Standing takes care all your mining lands management tasks for you, freeing up your staff to do what they were trained to do. Plus, our suite of software tools makes it easy for any authorized personnel in your office to log in and review your complete land asset portfolio, quickly and easily.

Group of geologists heading out to do prospecting - In Good Standing helps mining companies protect their assets and meet obligations.
Two miners shaking hands - In Good Standing helps international mining and exploration companies navigate Canada's regulations.

How In Good Standing Helps International Mining Companies

Navigating Canada’s mining regulations can be extremely difficult for companies coming from outside the country. To complicate matters, different regulations and obligations apply depending on the province or territory. Often, international companies setting up operations in Canada don’t know where to start.

In Good Standing assists many international mining and exploration companies coming to Canada. We can guide you through the local regulatory frameworks step by step. Our industry insights, in-depth knowledge of regulatory systems, and our connections to industry partners and regulatory bodies make our services indispensible to international mining companies.

Lands Management Services

For a good understanding of the services we offer, please see our Services page here. But in brief, In Good Standing offers end-to-end lands management services in the mining sector from acquisition to production and remediation. We provide the expertise needed to take care of the technical administrative tasks that are so important to protecting your assets. These include:

  • Producing reports, maps, and other documents on your claims including lists of your assets, obligations, and earned equity (please see “Applications and Tools”, below)
  • Helping you make connections and establish relationships within the mining industry including with regulatory bodies, industry partners including environmental experts and First Nations*
  • Providing industry insights from answering regulatory questions to maximizing your work credits in complex portfolios including non-contiguous claims
  • Helping you navigate the system to address any regulatory issues that may come up
  • Ensuring that all your claims remain in good standing

Applications and Tools

At the heart of our services is our proprietary suite of software applications and tools that make mining lands management so much easier, saving you time and money as well as mitigating risk. These include:

  • Secure online Lands data room and document library for easy and secure access to all your digital lands documents
  • Calendar view of all upcoming regulatory and agreement obligations
  • Access to the Teraview lands records database to make tasks like title searches faster and easier
  • Reporting and mapping tools to organize and process your data as you need it for annual reports, marketing, etc.

*First Nations consultation can be a complex and specialized field due to many factors including cultural sensitivities and multi-level government regulations. We can help you connect with a First Nations consultant in your region, as needed.

Miner looking at data on a tablet. In Good Standing provides many lands management services to ensure you remain in compliance and meet all your obligations.

In Good Standing Specializes in Lands Management for the Mining Exploration Industry

We understand the mining exploration sector from every angle – including yours – so In Good Standing can provide you with the best service, best advice, and most accurate information possible.