About In Good Standing

Lands management, geomatics specialists, and IT specialists reviewing mining exploration documents. | About In Good Standing Mining Lands Management Services

In Good Standing provides comprehensive lands management services for clients in the mining and exploration industry:

  • Mining Lands Management (including proactive monitoring and reporting)
  • Geomatics
  • Land Asset Support
  • Advocacy

Our dedicated team of lands management specialists, geomatics specialists, and IT professionals ensures your mineral and land assets always remain In Good Standing.

In Good Standing will help you manage and protect your land assets, keep you compliant with evolving regulations, and help you navigate the system, working on your behalf to support your land assets.

The Name Says It All: We Keep Your Mining and Exploration Lands in Good Standing

Keep your land assets In Good Standing.

Lands management is becoming more and more complicated. One missed due date or option payment can put your mining assets at serious risk.

The lands management specialists at In Good Standing protect your claims – and your reputation – by taking care of all the administrative tasks that are so important to lands managment. We provide monitoring services, alerts, and options to ensure you’re always on track to meet your obligations, efficiently maximizing your exploration dollars.

With In Good Standing, you can expect comprehensive lands management services:

  • Land obligations monitoring
  • Claims portfolio management
  • Rights (including mineral, surface, timber, water, and access)
  • Obligations management across all assets
  • Help developing exploration strategies
  • Assistance if you run up against regulatory challenges
  • Support from geomatics and IT specialists
  • Proprietary software tools for streamlined reports, monitoring, and alerts

In Good Standing provides help for:

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About Tania Poehlman – MSc

President | Lands Management Specialist

Tania Poehlman, In Good StandingTania Poehlman started in the mining exploration sector, earning her Master’s degree in Geomorphology from the University of Guelph in 1996. Following an industry-related consulting stint in Ontario, she worked in IT for over a decade after graduation. During that time, Poehlman gained valuable workflow, data management, and application management skills. Missing her geoscience roots, she found her two career worlds weaving together when she started working as a Lands Management Specialist and independent consultant with several exploration-related companies including Red Pine Exploration, Caracle Creek International Consulting, and RMGeoscience.

Poehlman launched her own services and consulting company, In Good Standing, in 2010. Today, she and her team of lands managers, geomatics specialists, and IT specialists support over one hundred industry clients across the world. Poehlman is a respected thought leader in the mining exploration sector throughout Canada, and she regularly publishes articles about changes to mining exploration.

Poehlman’s knowledge and expertise, her level of personalized service, and her track record for getting things done help make In Good Standing the premier lands management service it is today. As any of In Good Standing’s long list of clients will tell you, there is no one quite like Tania Poehlman in the mining exploration sector. She and her team of specialists combined with In Good Standing’s proprietary technology provide a unique, reliable, and robust mining lands management service.