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Our lands management services mean that your mining claims will always remain In Good Standing

We manage your portfolio of claims to ensure they remain in good standing. Find Out More.

In Good Standing provides lands management services including mining exploration consulting services.

We provide exploration and business advice to help you maximize your claims. Find Out More.

In Good Standing also provides advocacy services to help solve regulatory issues faster.

We help you solve regulatory and other issues faster and more easily. Find Out More.

Welcome to worry-free claims management and lands management services from In Good Standing.

Welcome to Worry-Free Lands Management

Few (if any) other mining claims management services provide the comprehensive level of services you’ll receive at In Good Standing. We are like your own personal Claims, Leases, and Patents department, taking care of the details – and taking care of them more efficiently – so you can focus on the big picture.

Protect Your Claims…

Your mining claims are your lifeblood. That’s why you need to protect them at all costs! The problem is, meeting regulatory approvals and deadlines can be tricky – not to mention time-consuming and stressful. One wrong move, and you could lose your claims and everything you’ve worked for.

We provide the claims management, consulting, and advocacy services you need to ensure your claims remain in good standing.

Protect your claims with In Good Standing Lands Management services
Protect your reputation with In Good Standing lands management services.

…and Protect Your Reputation.

Not only could you lose your claims, you can lose your reputation. In an industry that puts an emphasis on the fine details, you don’t want missed deadlines and incomplete reports haunting future partnerships and developments. And if any regulatory issues crop up beyond your control, we’re there to help you sort them out faster.

We ensure your reputation is in as good a standing as your claims.

How In Good Standing Protects Your Interests


We manage your portfolio of mining claims including obligations monitoring and report submissions to ensure all your claims remain in good standing


We provide both mining exploration and business advice so you can make more strategic moves and maximize your claims portfolio – and your returns


Should a regulatory or other issue crop up – and they’re always cropping up – we are on your side, helping you resolve the issue faster


We generate maps and other data-based materials for your marketing efforts (website, annual report, etc.) as well as to meet your regulatory obligations

Mining Exploration Support Services at Every Step

Our lands management specialists can help at every step of your mining claim from acquisition to production. Find out more about our Lands Management Services or learn more About In Good Standing. You can also contact In Good Standing right now to find out how we can customize our services to your needs.